Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Agility Weekend

A simply terrific agility weekend!

Last weekend was my first agility trial in about 8 months and although I always enjoy trialing this was simply one of the best trials I have been to in quite a long time.  There were several reasons why this trial was so great but four main reasons come to mind.  

First, the venue was amazing.  This was the epitome of a small neighborhood trial setting and it was actually in someone's backyard.  The people were incredibly friendly, the environment was low key and everyone was having a great time and being uber-nice to their dogs.  Mega-Dogs in Woodinville, WA.  definitely knows how to throw a great trial. 
Next,  I got to share this trial with friends.  It has been several years since I have been to a trial with a gang and I had forgotten how nice it is to share this experience with your peeps.  I have been teaching agility on Lopez Island for about a year now and two of my students decided to come down and check out their first agility trial.  Ginger and Bailey participated in their first trial ever and did fabulously.  And Christi came down as support and to see what this was all about first hand.  (Check out her fabulous blog post where she shares her experiences and insights from the trial. )

Ginger walking the course. She was calm, cool and collected.

"OK Bailey, We've got this."

Finally, Ginger and Bailey's first run ever.  Their first course was a jumpers course and they handled it like pros.  What a great way to start their agility career!

A qualifying run and first place!
Now for a well deserved nap.

My third reason for having such a great time at this trial was because I am lucky enough to still be running with my 10 year old boy, Sam.  He's a little slower then he used to be but he is happy and healthy and still enjoying the game.  Here he is in his qualifying elite jumpers run.  What a good boy!

Finally... after  an ACL injury, meniscus tear, surgery and many months of recovery, my sweet boy, Benny, ran in his first trial in almost two years.  He was blissed out beyond belief and truthfully I was too.  I have missed running him and it was so wonderful to see his joy.  Here he is in his qualifying tunneler's run.

To see the rest of the Bailey's, Sam's and Benny's runs from the weekend please visit the Paws On The Rock YouTube site.   


  1. OH MY, it's hugely wonderful to see these videos posted...AND...this first post on ***blogspot***....woooooo hooooooo!!! Wonders just are not ceasing, are they ;>}} I think that's what dogs are always teaching us.

    Lovely post, Michelle & kind thanks for linking. Such a grand time was had by all....and may there be many, many more in all of our futures!

    1. Thanks, Christi. Your encouragement helped me soooo much!! Oh and watch out... I have many more questions for you about this whole blogging world. :)